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My name is Brian Sutton and I'm a freelance web developer living in the Kansas City metro area. I have traveled down many roads before becoming a web developer. I received my bachelor of arts in anthropology from Kansas State University and have an interest in digital culture and how technology is impacting people, culture and society in all ways good and bad.

After completing my bachelor's I had the chance to travel quite extensively and experience different cultures and see new things. Following my traveling I looked into a way to get into computers and found that I really enjoyed web design and development which gave me a creative outlet and the opportunity to learn coding.

Now I am a creative and dependable freelance web developer with a great customer service record and excellent work ethic. Knowledgeable in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript as well as principles and techniques of website construction and maintenance.

Along with building my web development business, I have completed a master's in marketing with a focus in social media marketing to offer my clients the best in SEO and social media marketing techniques.